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Day 10: Marblehead, MA to Marlborough 58 miles 1,289 feet

We left our B&B in Marblehead on a cool overcast morning and never saw the sun all day long. It never actually rained but it was quite humid and many of the dirt paths were muddy and frequently had deep ponds of water from yesterday’s rain. I felt silly that I had spent an hour yesterday stripping down my bike, cleaning, and applying oil to my entire drive chain. By the time we reached Swampscott we were on mostly paved paths but frequently they were on sidewalks and pedestrian bridges. For advanced riders I believe the adjacent city streets would have been easier to follow and more direct. At many points along the Lynn Community Tail there was ongoing construction. About a dozen or so road crossings required you to walk or bunny hop your bike over 3 inch high curbs. At one point the trail was totally closed was a backhoe blocking the way. When I asked the construction workers how to get around the closure they pointed to the next street down. When I pointed out the DO NOT ENTER sign on that street, they replied “hey it’s Lynn, nobody cares.” Once back on the trail I rode past a nice urban community garden and a whimsical statue of children riding bikes to school.

The trail eventually dumped me onto city streets heading towards downtown Boston. Just before I entered the city limits, I spied one of Steve Wynn’s huge trademark casinos, I guess they are not allowed in the city of Boston proper.

We crossed the Mystic River to enter Boston then rode on city streets through Charlestown, where I stopped to snap a photo of the monument atop Bunker Hill.

We hopped back onto a bike path along the Charles River that we would ride for about a dozen miles, crossing from the south side to the north side of the river and back again several times. Along the way we passed Massachusetts General Hospital, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Boston University, Harvard University, and umpteen Boat Houses and Yacht Clubs. Even on the bike path we needed to cross dozens and dozens of city streets which I found much more challenging then the riding I did in New York City a couple of weeks ago. In Boston you need not only to wait for your light to turn GREEN, but you need to wait to see how many of the cross traffic cars run their RED light, some times as many as 6, before proceeding across the intersection.

We crossed the Charles River for the final time just west of Waltham and headed west towards Weston where we hopped on the Massachusetts Central Rail Tail, with some difficulty owing to poor signage. The path ran alongside the Jericho Town Forrest were some of the fall foliage was on full display.

The trail dumped us back onto the streets in Sudbury, incorporated in 1639, which we would ride for another 15 miles into Marlborough. I celebrated with a quick pre-dinner “snack”

Cumulative Totals

Miles 520 Feet Climbed 22,708 States Visited 3

For more details on my route, see my Strava link

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