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Day 4: Ellsworth, ME to Camden, 67 miles 4,045 feet

What’s in a name, that’s what I was thinking as we headed to breakfast this morning. Over the past several days we have eaten at two Helen’s, a Karen’s and this morning we were heading to Sylvia’s. Why are all the restaurants named after women? Perhaps in coastal Maine, where practically everyone owns a boat, they follow the tradition of naming boats after women. Sylvia’s dinner was a throwback in time and reminded me of the famous painting, Nighthawks, Edward Hopper, 1942. A few tables over a man was seated with his breakfast and looked like a suitable character for Hopper to add to a canvas.

Today’s ride was mostly along the water and wound through some towns with names as charming as their scenery, including Bucksport, Verona, and Belfast. Although we were never far from water we still managed to climb over 4,000 feet, northern Maine IS NOT FLAT. In fact folks up here refer to those who live down south as Flatlanders. The visual highlight of the day, was crossing the spectacular Narrows Bridge over the Penobscot River. I stopped with James in Belfast for the first of 2 lobster rolls today. We sat on a deck, in the warm sun, overlooking Belfast Bay. I hate to admit it but the lobster roll was better than the 50 I made for our Memorial Day party. But then again these were probably just plucked out of the water a day ago and mine were flown 3,000 miles to California.

We finished our ride in the quintessential harbor town of Camden, originally home to the Penobscot Indians and latter settled by the British. The powerful Megunticook River provided ample sites for mills of all sorts and the harbor produced 10 ocean going vessels every year from 6 shipyards. Today I spotted no less than 5 tall ships in the harbor. All day long we passed through towns with flags at half staff as well as several parades commentating the 20’th anniversary of 9/11, as painful as it was, I hope we never forget it. Before dinner I felt it only appropriate to play Alan Jackson’s, Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning

For more ride details see my Strava post

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