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Day 5: Camden, ME to Newcastle, 59 miles 3,971 feet

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Camden is an idyllic seaside town known for charming inns, Tall Tales, and Tall Ships. Our inn was as charming as they come with beautiful gardens so I was somewhat at a loss when I turned on the shower this morning and was shocked to discover a disco light display emanating from the shower head. I suspect that it must have been sold from a late night TV ad, right after the ad for the Bassomatic.

The Tallest Tale in Camden is the Maiden’s Cliff Haunting. Many moons ago, on a blustery day, a young woman’s hat reportedly flew off her head and sailed through the air. In an attempt to retrieve it the young girl fell to her death on the rocks below the cliff. Locals believe that her spirit still haunts the area, which is marked by a white cross.

I decided to get a late start and walk around Camden to view several of the Tall Ships in the harbor. I arrived at low tide and had to walk a hundred yards over a floating gang plank that was just resting on mud and seaweed. The ships themselves were barely afloat owing to the 12 foot tidal flow

Todays ride was only 55 miles with 4,000 feet of climbing but the weather man threw in 25 mph winds gusting to 35 that were coming directly from where we wanted to go. We fought the winds onto the peninsula to visit Owls Head. When I first rode into Owls Head I was greeted by a sign that announced my arrival on the front of the sign and my departure on the reverse side. I was amazed that a town only as wide as a wooden sign, nonetheless contained not only a lighthouse, but a post office and several churches as well. We decided to add a small detour over a gravel road to visit the Owls Head Lighthouse where we could see many large sailboats tracking in the strong winds.

Part of our ride was directly through a granite mine which probably explained much of the climbing. Along the way I managed to snap a photo of a chicken crossing the road, just for fun. When we finally arrived in Newcastle we were greeted by Sherry, the host of our charming B&B right on the shore of Mill Pond. A few of us jumped right in, I must admit the water was too cold for my California skin so I opted for a hot shower instead.

For more info on my ride, see this Strava link

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